Baker's Dozen #5

January 19th

Baker's Dozen #5


1. Elevated Returns receives license in Thailand, first offering scheduled for April.

2. The XTZ Faucet is live.

3. Securitize Opens IRAs to Digital Securities Investors With Partnership.

4. Tezos Developer Meetup January 25th in San Fransisco.


5. Tezos AMA with Breaking Bad on January 22nd.

6. Tezos Foundation Technology Officer on Public vs Private Blockchains.


7. TZ Ventures Demo Day on March 19th.

8. A legal perspective on Tezos.


9. tezblock v1.1 is live.

10. Tezos Foundation Weekly Update.

11. Tezos Developer Guide.


12. A recap of important Tezos news stories so far in 2020.

The Baker’s Dozen

The final roll, always random.

13. U.S. Warns Iraq It Risks Losing Access to Key Bank Account if Troops Told to Leave.