Baker's Dozen #2

December 7th

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Baker's Dozen #2


1. Binance Will Support Zero Fee Tezos (XTZ) Staking.

2. Teztracker: Extended MVP Stage

3. BitPanda completes a full Tezos integration.


4. Jonas Lamis on StakerDAO, thoughts on governance on the TezCast podcast.


5. Binance is already the 6th largest validator on Tezos.

6. The Ethereum Foundation is defunding teams — Tezos to the rescue.

7. ETH vs XTZ price action by Jeremy and Matt Khoury on a breakout.


8. Shifting Tezos staking dynamics likely to favor bigger exchanges by The Block.

9. Tezos ecosystem evolves: The NYX Standard.

10. Updating the Potential Carthage Proposal and Resetting the Carthagenet Test Network.

11. Tezos Community Update — December.

12. TzKT #2 — overview of architecture and core components.

The Baker’s Dozen

The final roll, always random.

13. The Gift Card Trading Ecosystem.